Founded in 2010, driven by the mission of Placing People, Developing People, Reso Consulting specializes in manufacturing related industries, commits to help organizations acquire right people and structure high-performing team. Specifically, we realize mission by offering the services of executive search and employee assessment. Aiming to develop people’s full potential through placing them into the right positions at right time.

To be bigger or stronger? We prefer the latter. Only strong enough in focused area, can better solve specific problems for customers.

We are extremely detail focus because we believe flaws always hide in detail, and meanwhile professionalism reflects from perfection of every detail.

Guided by the Fewer Customer, More Focus business strategy, we selectively serve customer, fully dedicate ourselves into every task assigned by customer, in order to create real value for both clients and professionals.

Executive Search

Aiming for supporting multinational companies to build local team and quick launch their China business operation, we have tailored talent solutions helping you searching, selecting and placing right people on right position.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

With in-depth understanding of specific industries and precise grasp of the market, Reso RPO team are well prepared and has good record in executing a high-touch, methodical approach to large-scale recruitment.

Employee Assessment

We offer assessment solutions that enable organizations to select the right people for the right job and develop them to their full potential.

Customer Testimonials
“ What impresses me most about the Nanjing Reso Consulting team is the effort that they make to fully understand what my recruitment needs are.
They always make sure that they understand exactly who I'm looking for and, more importantly why. The fact that they take a long term view when they are recruiting.. ”
Johan Spennare
President/CEO, KG Spennare AB
Candidate Words
“ Reso Consulting is a totally different headhunter compare to others I have ever experienced. Reso Researcher and Consultant has clear task respectively and the process is very professional and considerate during the whole process of dealing my case.. ”
Mr. C. feii
1000 var KG Spennare AB
Message from Us
“ There is no happier than having people getting right career direction and seeing them enjoy working with new job through our recommendation. Therefore, we constantly monitor our process, what we do today and how we can do better tomorrow to serve people.We value every client’s satisfaction during the whole process start from assignment to.. ”
Mr. Charlie Chen
Chief Consultant of Reso Consulting
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