Logistics Manager - Position ID: RESOJD180238

Open Date
Job Function
Automotive, R&D
Company Type
WFOE, Germany
Career Level
Salary Grade
300K - 400K RMB/Y
Report to
General Manager (German)
Roles & Responsibilities
A. Logistics 1. Direct, manage and optimize all logistics resources and budgets within a medium to complex plant operation (personnel, inventory, transportation, infrastructure / equipment, external resources) to achieve minimal total costs and meet customer requirements. 2. Plan the future resource requirements of a medium to complex plant operation. 3. Direct and control the design of material- and information flows and logistics processes of a medium to complex plant operation. 4. Responsible for the implementation of a suitable logistics controlling. 5. Coordinate and balance conflicting interests of all logistics personnel and internal / external stakeholders to provide optimal solutions in a medium to complex plant operation. 6. Manage bottleneck situations and customer escalations. 7. Participation in global strategic projects and facilitate pilot projects. 8. Secure the implementation and application of global logistics and standards (e.g. process, equipment, health & safety, environment etc.). 9. Ensure the specified logistics quality of the location and qualify underperforming suppliers to meet the required quality standards. 10. Participate in internal and external negotiations. 11. Arrange for relevant declarations and clearance measures to be carried out considering legal and country specific points of view. 12. Drive continuous improvement and establish process improvements. 13. Collaborate with regional logistics to consistently increase logistics performance. 14. Responsible for achieving the targeted logistics KPIs within plant logistics. B. Leadership 1. Deploying employees corresponding to their qualifications within the relevant structure. Instructing and supporting employees in a target-oriented and motivating manner to fulfill the tasks. 2. Guiding, instructing and supporting employees in function-related tasks. 3. Responsible for hiring process and sustain the team performance and evaluation as well as qualification demands. 4. Managing of employees according to targets and delegation, to select, to qualify and further develop employees based on a culture of trust, control effectiveness, in order to develop and compensate potential and promote individual competencies, to achieve the targets of the department.
Qualifications Requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above, with major in Logistics/Supply Chain or Engineering related. 2. More than 10 years experience in Logistics/Supply Chain. 3. More than 5 years experience as team leader. 4. Experience in manufacturing industry, especially automotive is preferred. 5. Solid experience and skills in Material Planning/Production Planning. 6. Familiar with Electronics parts.
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