Data Analytics Developer - Position ID: RESOJD193201

Open Date
Job Function
Company Type
WFOE, Sweden
Career Level
Salary Grade
300K - 400K RMB/Y
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Roles & Responsibilities
1. Develop methodology and technology for advanced analytics. 2. Lead and drive transformation into data driven development, i.e. auto troubleshooting, auto quality verdicts, and identifying product quality issues in customer networks with the help of data analytics. 3. Secure that accurate insights are made from the data to proactively address customer needs. 4. Creating automated error proof systems and constant tracking of its performance. 5. Contribute, execute and evolve vision and long-term strategy for digitalization, increase the degree of automation in processes. 6. Have all necessary information to carry out assigned responsibilities or tasks. 7. Have access to product and production systems to perform assigned work.
Qualifications Requirements
1. Degree in Computer Science or Mathematics focusing on operations research, applied statistics, data mining, machine learning or related field. 2. Deep understanding of statistical and predictive modeling concepts, machine-learning approaches, clustering and classification techniques, and recommendation and optimization algorithms. 3. Continuous learning capability.
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