MD Supervisor - Position ID: RESOJD180243

Open Date
Job Function
Automotive, R&D
Company Type
WFOE, Germany
Career Level
Salary Grade
200K - 300K RMB/Y
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Roles & Responsibilities
A. Project planning for comprehensive device designs within the context of development projects. 1. Clarifying and defining design requirements with the customer in the form of specified project descriptions, analyzing design expenditure. 2. Agreeing and following up targets for device design with the project manager in terms of quality, costs and timing taking existing processes and methods into consideration in agreement with the superior. 3. Defining, planning, coordinating and controlling design tasks by applying prescribed methods and systems (incl. Time to Market process). 4. Involving internal and external services if necessary, taking economic, qualitative and scheduling points of view into consideration in agreement with the D&D manager. 5. Involvement in and/or implementation of defined escalation scenarios whenever deviations from targets occur in device design; showing existing alternative solutions. 6. Ensuring that defined technical standards are being observed within the context of design; involving Preliminary Development and Production Technology in the agreement of product concepts and technological alternatives. 7. Involvement in the optimization of existing technologies; implementation and application of new technologies in cooperation with internal and external positions, specialist bodies and workgroups if necessary. B. Drafting complex design solutions for complete systems and devices. 1. Preparation of a performance specification based on the existing requirement specification. 2. Working out difficult design drafts based on CAD data provided by the customer regarding device design, taking technical and economic aspects into account. 3. Drawing up complex design solutions taking functional, material-related, technical production and economical aspects into account; drawing up selected designs for detailing. 4. Agreeing new or changed designs over the whole design process (quotation, concept and detailing phase) with the departments involved such as Process Planning, Quality Planning, Design and Laboratory. 5. Implementing and arranging for detailing work to be carried out as well as selection of the materials and standards to be used, definition of tolerances and implementation of the drawing check. 6. Preparing the (design) FMEA for the complete device, taking customer requirements into account. 7. Arranging for tests (mechanical, photometric, thermal) on sample devices, integration of results in the design. 8. Continual editing, interpretation and implementation of relevant technical information. 9. Arranging for designs to be checked in terms of industrial property rights. 10. Involvement in the preparation of preliminary costing. 11. Involvement in the specification of the tests to be carried out in cooperation with Quality Planning taking internal, customer-specified and legal requirements into account... 12. Carrying out other tasks related to this position (including examining and evaluating suggestions for improvement, as well as complying with industrial safety and environmental protection measures pertaining to the scope of duties). C. Leadership issues 1. Brief and measurable target agreement setting and performance evaluation base on real result to members of MD. 2. Headcount planning & budget planning for MD team base on SCU and further forecast, and well training plan as individual 3. Regular design guidelines set up and review together with whole MD team. Implement standardization on mech. Design for product and production process 4. Set up step-team base on capability and coach team for achieving personal target. Improvement plan and follow up for the low capable member. 5. Well acceptable by internal functions and HIS team, build up tight and well connection with HIS MD & Pre-D&D team. 6. Coordination with cross functions within IL and with plant 7. Set up & lead Pre-D&D group within team, and keep well contact with HIS Pre-D&D dept. 8. Leading and organizing system review, system release, 2D/3D data review, simulation review, ECM concept, benchmark activities with team
Qualifications Requirements
1. Bachelor degree or above. 2. English, good knowledge. 3. 5-10 years. 4. Lighting industry.
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