Factory Manager - Position ID: RESOJD191802

Open Date
Job Function
Food, Manufacturing
Company Type
WFOE, France
Career Level
Salary Grade
300K - 400K RMB/Y
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Roles & Responsibilities
1. Organization: To manage/ monitor all the production & maintenance operations / tasks to fulfil client requirements. 2. Management: To manage and delegate duties to operators and maintain full production & maintenance team for each shift. 3. Safety: To maintain safe working environment. 4. Paperwork: To check/ validate the production & maintenance paperwork 5. Initiative: To work in an initiative spirit in order to improve on daily bases the way of working. 6. Food Safety: 1) To ensure all operations staff is trained on safe food handling requirements to include knowledge of GMPs and HACCP. 2) To ensure all operations staff understands intervals in the process that may present food safety risks and understand what actions should be taken in such events.
Qualifications Requirements
Required Qualifications 1. Experienced in production management in feed/food environment. 2. Have general mechanical abilities. Have knowledge of basic electricity for motors, starters and switches 3. English speaking Role with regards to HQSE (Hygiene, Quality, Safety, Environment) 1. Follow procedures, instructions of the company concerning his/her area of activity, & rules relatives to HQSE areas within the company. 2. Alert in case of non-respect/disorder of procedures, HQSE instructions & rules within the company. 3. Contribute to the implementation of the continuous improvement program of his/her Department. 4. Be willing to suggest proposition/offer to improve continuously his/her Department.
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