Executive Search

We fully dedicate ourselves to Executive Search ever since the company established in 2010. During the years, we steadily grow our business and therefore have harvested sound recognition from the clients that we serve.

Our consultants possess related professional background in specific areas. Their knowledge, expertise and network have formed the unique competitive advantage in handling customer assigned positions. Therefore, we are always able to locate ideal candidates which well matches hiring manager's expectation. In addition, our consultants always bring clients valuable information gaining from the process of candidate search, which helps acquire right person at right time.

Our client base varies from Fortune 500 businesses to small & medium-sized multinational companies. Through our mission of Placing People, Developing People, we connect and serve clients worldwidely. Aiming to help multinational companies build high performing local operation team and quickly launch business in China market.

We follow Fewer Customers, More Focus as business strategy. It allows us to prioritize our resources to better serve selected clients. In fact, helping clients solve tough problems is increasingly becoming a distinct characteristic of Reso. As a result, we have been building highly trust and long-term business relation with a list of well-known world-class companies.

Reso deeply cultivates in manufacturing and the related industries. We work in Automotive, Food & Beverage , IT & Telecommunication, Electromechanical and Medical Device industries, and are quite strong in the function areas of executive management, R&D, sourcing & SCM, manufacturing, QA, F&A, HR, Sales & Marketing, and etc.

Executive Search Recruitment Process Outsourcing Employee Assessment and Development SCM Training

Focus & Strength Area

The automobile industry is one of our strongest areas of expertise. We have good history record of placing people for auto customers which includes Product Design, Industrialization, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Sourcing & SCM, Manufacturing, and etc. The clients we serve include OEM manufacturers and auto parts providers.

We have been constantly developing and extending our strength in automobile industry, never stopped exploring better ways to serve our clients and deliver results.

Science & Medical
Medical device is also our focus area in which we have remarkable achievements in searching executive-level managers. We had ever successfully helped clients build China operation team including Country Manager, Sales & Marketing Director, HR & Finance Director, RA Director, and etc., which leading global business growth of the company.

By serving medical devices industry, we have accumulated rich resources and search experience in Sales & Marketing, Finance & Accounting, Regulatory Affairs and Customer Services fields.

We have a diversified talent pool and abundance of search experiences in this rather traditional industry including mechanical & electronic manufacturing, home appliance manufacturing, heavy industry and other related areas.

IT & Telecommunication
Our consultants have a good background and an in-depth understanding of both the IT and Telecommunication industries. So, we precisely analyze the position direction and match right candidate, especially on functions including Hardware & Software development, System integration, Product Testing Development & Verification and Customer Application Project positions.

Food & Beverage
As one of the key segments of manufacturing, Food & Beverage industry is deeper related to ordinary people’s daily life. We possess profound candidate search and approach abilities in food processing & retail, hotel & restaurant ingredient supply and pet food industries, covering the job functions of Sales & Marketing, Purchasing, FSQR, Insight & Innovation, and Process & Production Management.

Ways of Working

Our process enables us to achieve every visible outcome during the search process, ensuring the right direction when approaching candidates. In addition, full implementation of the sophisticated processes helps us in obtaining trust from talented prospects while ensuring that the most suitable candidates has been selected to satisfy a hiring manager’s needs.

Search & Reporting

The 3-4-5 process ensures a quick response and an efficient output for every assignment.

3 Stages
4 Steps
5 Days

Selecting & Placing

Selecting and placing candidates are both very relevant to a complete recruitment. Our Selecting & Placing support process ensures that every identified candidate is well followed up and coached through the whole process from the candidate interview to the probation period of a newly placed employee.

Customer Testimonials

“What impresses me most about the Nanjing Reso Consulting team is the effort that they make to fully understand what my recruitment needs are. They always make sure that they understand exactly who I'm looking for and, more importantly, why. The fact that they take a long term view when they are recruiting any position makes them my first choice every time when it comes to recruitment.”
Johan Spennare, President/CEO, KG Spennare AB

“I would like to thank for great support while we were looking for engineers all over china, without your help and professionalism we wouldn't be able to find our high quality staff that we got. I have now a new role in EU but if ever need to hire people in China I wouldn't hesitate to go with Reso again. I wish all of you good luck and that we do business in the future again.”
Martin Steen, International Technical Service Manager, Phadia AB (Thermo Fisher Scientific)

“Dedicated and Professional are two words that come to mind when I think of Charlie. I have had the privilege of knowing Charlie since coming to Nanjing, both being active networkers in the Nanjing business community.

Above all, I am impressed with Charlie’s understanding of western culture and business practices and his ability to communicate in, and connect in, both worlds. These strengths provide his clients with confidence in his consulting services enabling them to grow business operations both nationally and globally.

And of course his commitment to service excellence. Charlie is a true connector, and we look forward to collaborating together in future projects. ”
Anna Anderson, Partner, Enjoy International

Words from Candidates

“When I got the call from Coco, I feel her voice is so nice and professional. It calms me down and not to be so nervous, she understood that I was in the shuttle bus and not convenient to talk more regarding making changes. The second time I called for some suggestions, she presented me more useful introduction and information which encouraged me and inspired a lot. Although we are familiar with each other, but she have not talked about anything about other candidates, that shows her professional. I am glad to meet her, and hope can have chance to cooperate again.”
Candy Xing, Purchasing Engineer, Siemens China Co., Ltd.

Sam Zhang, Account Manager, PRO-TECH SYSTEMS (Hong Kong) Ltd.

Words from the Team

Charlie Chen
Founder, Chief Consultant
“ There is nothing better than having people pursue the right career direction and see him / her enjoy their working at a new job through our recommendation. Therefore, we constantly monitor our process, what we do today, and how we can do better tomorrow in serving people.

We value every client’s satisfaction through the whole process from opening assigned to candidate placed. Every customer needs to be thoroughly studied and well understood in terms of culture, business scope, working style, and etc. before starting co-operation, this is the only way to reach a fruitful collaboration.

Instead of pursuing rapid business growth and expansion, Reso prefers steadily develop our competence and strive for perfection with every step we do for customer assignment. We always put in a great deal of efforts in studying each client and its industry, ensuring that we are truly expert in the areas that we are searching candidates for clients.

We are looking forward to partnering with you and developing together.”

Coco Wang
Partner, Senior Consultant
"We have never stop going in depth understanding of the needs of customers and talents, delivering valuable suggestions to both sides whenever needed. Which aims to realize the mission of “Placing People, Developing People”. During the years I work in Reso, I am very happy to witness customers' business success after acquiring right people through our efforts. Which includes the different stages of our clients' business various from start-up, expansion and changes.

In the meanwhile, we very much care personal development of the candidates we approached. In most cases, imperfection is quite normal, however, we have to face imperfection when selecting a new job. It’s very important to guide candidates to make tradeoff between gain and losing in their career.

As one of the founding members of Reso, I deeply understand that Reso is a company pursuing detail perfection and value creation, not only for clients and candidates, but also for employees as well. I hope I will continue to develop myself together with our clients, candidates and Reso family in the future."

Josephine Kummer
“ Bereits seit vier Jahren vermittelt Nanjing Reso Consulting erfolgreich Kandidaten an Kunden. Umso mehr habe ich mich gefreut, als ich dort mein Praktikum anfangen konnte.

Wir sind mittlerweile ein Team, zusammengesetzt aus verschiedenen Ländern und Kulturen, wodurch wir nicht nur ortsansässigen, sondern gerade auch internationalen Firmen bei der Suche nach neuen Mitarbeiten erfolgreich unterstützen können.

Über die Jahre hat sich Reso Consulting besonders im Bereich der Automobilindustrie etabliert, aber auch Kunden aus der in Gesundheitsbranche nehmen unsere Arbeit in Anspruch.

Bei dem Praktikum konnte ich so viele verschiedene Eindrücke bekommen und neue Erfahrungen sammeln und kenne die Abläufe der Automobilzulieferer und Hersteller genau.

Bei Fragen kann ich immer auf meine Kollegen zählen und durch die verschiedenen Kulturen und Ansichten habe ich auch viele neue Aspekte der chinesischen Kultur erfahren und auch einige deutsche Gebräuche und Anschauungen darstellen können. Mir gefällt besonders zu wissen, dass ich Aufgaben alleine erledigen und immer auf das Team zählen kann.

Das Praktikum wird ein wichtiger Bestandteil meines Auslandssemesters in China sein und ich werde mich gerne an die Zeit zurück erinnern. ”

Alex Farley
“ Since coming to China in September, I have searched for a stable environment in which I can foster sincere relationships with Chinese people. After starting my internship at Reso Consulting, I’ve grown to love coming to work and spending time with my co-workers. The work environment at Reso Consulting promotes collaboration, teamwork, and cooperation. Each position is allocated to two or three consultants, whom specialize in the field required. The office is seldom quiet as each team bounces ideas and suggestions off each other. Of course, we also find time to develop personal relationships and lasting friendships. Whether it be climbing Nanjing’s infamous Purple Mountain together, or discussing which tea to drink for the day, our friendly relationships and mutual respect root from our shared desire to succeed.

In our pursuit of success, the individual members of the Reso team are all brought together under the common goal of helping individuals find a better future. The headhunting industry is one that rewards hard work with satisfaction and fulfillment. At Reso, we take the time to develop an intimate understanding of each candidate as well as their needs and desires. Together, we work towards creating a better future for ourselves and our clients. ”

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

With an in-depth understanding of various industries and a firm grasp of the overall job market, Reso RPO team is well prepared and sports an impressive tracking record in executing an all-encompassing touch, methodical approach to large-scale recruitment.

Through a single point of interface with client, our RPO team offers a new efficiency solution to the program in terms of time and investment.

  • Cost Efficiency. Our RPO service model reduces the total cost of talent for global organizations by consolidating and standardizing the recruitment effort; accelerating the rate of fulfillment across geographic markets; and ensuring that best practices are leveraged worldwide.

  • Market Expansion. Because of the large-scale candidate search and the quick placement of talent, our penetration in specific regions of job markets effectively promotes a client’s brand in job seekers.

  • Customized Program Management. Unlike other recruitment services, our RPO solution gives HR the flexibility to design a management program that mirrors their own corporate structure. It also allows HR departments to gain a more detailed and holistic understanding of their talent investment, while allowing them to centralize or decentralize the process based on the company's hiring practices.

  • Consistent Service & Quality Guarantee. Our internal controls and processes ensure that all recommended candidates are selected to best match requirements and guaranteed.

Executive Search Recruitment Process Outsourcing Employee Assessment and Development SCM Training

Employee Assessment and Development

As a Strategic Business Partner (SBP) of Profiles China, we offer assessment solutions to our clients that enable organizations to select the right people for the right job and develop them to their full potential.

We work with clients across the employee life cycle to enhance the productivity and performance of individuals, teams, and organizations. Our employee assessment solutions can help client screen-out unsuitable candidates, match others with jobs that fit their inherent capabilities, understand the strengths and limitations of successful onboarding, and identify opportunities to enhance performance and maximize their long-term contribution to the organization.

40,000+ Clients

125 Countries

48,000,000 Assessments

33 Languages

  Measures how well an individual fits into your organization.
  Evaluate the effectiveness of your managers and leaders.
  Profiles Performance Indicator is a DISC personality style assessment.
  Measures how well a person fits specific sales jobs in your organization
  Measures how well a person fits customer service jobs in your organization.

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Executive Search Recruitment Process Outsourcing Employee Assessment and Development SCM Training

SCM Training

To bring UK approved qualifications
and standards for excellence to the world

The Institute of Supply Chain Management (IoSCM) was formed as the first international institute representing the interests of the supply chain industry across the world and truly encompassing all aspects of supply chain operations from purchasing to manufacturing, logistics to general management.

As a certified Strategic Partner, we are responsible for identifying and developing a network of high quality training providers within east China region on behalf of the institute.

IoSCM qualifications are available from introductory to advanced level and enable students to study the elements of supply chain most relevant to their work experiences and career aspirations. Optional study routes include logistics, purchasing, transport, international trade and manufacturing. IoSCM qualifications are designed to enable students to utilise their previous experience and skills to provide evidence towards achieving the qualification. This means they are only required to study the areas they wish to develop skills and knowledge in.

Qualifications are currently available at 1, 2, 3, 5 & 6 catering for students from those looking for an introduction to the industry to those who hold extensive experiences at senior management level.

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Executive Search Recruitment Process Outsourcing Employee Assessment and Development SCM Training